Digital pressure tester (DPT701 is a useful tool to measure fuel pressure)

Description:DPT701 is a useful tool to measure fuel pressure and engine compression. It can be used to measure pressure up to 80 bar for any gas and noncorrosive liquid.

Product Code : DPT701

Best price: €340.00

More Description:

Sensor type ratiometric
Measuring range 0-2000 bar / 0-29000 psi
Resolution 1 bar
Display Backlit 64x128 pixels graphic LCD
Sensor accuracy +/- 1%
Overpressure limit 3000 bar
Data transmission interface wireless module
Working Temperature: 0 to 600°C (32 to 1400°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 700°C (-4 to 1580°F)
Dimensions 190*90*36mm